Saturday, February 18, 2012


Buddy is not right today.  He's off his food.  Absolutely will not eat anything although he is drinking water.  I gave him tuna - he turned his nose up at it.  So not like him.  At.  All.

I offered him some warm roast beef; he generally eats it but today he wasn't the least bit interested in it.  He did drink quite a bit of beef broth.  Please note the broth was made by adding water to the beef when it was heated. Don't give your cat or dog broth made from bullion cubes, powder or crystals.  Commercially prepared broth contains a large amount of salt and MSG.

I'll wait awhile to offer him some other food choices.  Maybe he will be interested in turkey or chicken liver instead of tuna or roast beef.

If my little man does not eat any solid food by this evening, we will need to make a doctor visit.  I'm dreading what I might hear...

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