Monday, January 30, 2012


Buddy still isn't eating much and is being very picky.  Although that hasn't stopped him from waking us up at 5:30AM for food.  He did do a bit better today by drinking his morning milk with enthusiasm.  His NF and capsule were another story.  He consumed very little of the NF but licked off all the capsule powder I sprinkled over it.  Some more of the NF was consumed when I added his pouch food to it.

Lunchtime was more of the same - he passed up both NF and pureed pumpkin as well as a bit of yogurt but ate some of it after I added low-sodium tuna.  I've also noticed he's sleeping more.  Thankfully, he's not howling like he was a few days ago.

Even though our weather has warmed up somewhat, Buddy is spending quite a bit of time by the radiator waiting for the heat to come up.  Usually, he heads for the radiator when he hears the steam making noise.  It seems he's feeling colder than what's generally the norm for him.

And as if I needed something else to contend with, Annie's stomach is making all kinds of squishing noises today and very loudly I might add.  She's also off eating and seems a bit uncomfortable.  At the moment she's sleeping as well so I'll just keep an eye on her for the rest of the day.  Another meal will be offered to her this evening - if she eats, fine.  If not, I'll see what tomorrow morning brings.  Not much else I can do at this point but observe them both.

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