Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Well, I've come to the conclusion that Buddy is probably allergic to me.  LOL.  Today he's back to normal - no runny eyes, no congested breathing.  That means no doctor visit, at least for now.

He's eating normally, in fact, he's been crying and driving my brother and me crazy for food since yesterday.  Believe me, neither of us is complaining.  We're just downright relieved.

Annie is a bit bummed out, however.  Too much attention to Buddy and Annie sulks.  My brother gave her an extra walk today and as soon as I'm done posting, I'll give her a mini-massage.  The extra attention will perk her up a bit.

Yesterday, my brother brought her a packet of gourmet doggie cookies (which she loves) and that made her day.  We do our best to check ingredients and make informed decisions before purchasing store-bought treats for Annie.  We don't have to do any such thing for Buddy because he woke up one morning about two years ago and refused any and all store-bought treats.  That one action on his part has rendered the feline treat issue academic in this household.

What types of treats should be avoided or limited?  Please, people, avoid rawhide chews!  I don't believe in them.  Dogs can choke very easily on them and there is the salmonella issue which I think isn't worth the risk.  If you insist on giving them to your pet then your pet should be supervised at all times.

Always try to pick treats without food coloring, artificial additives or large amounts of sugar.  It's better to bake your own.

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