Sunday, February 19, 2012


OK, I have to admit my little guy is completely amazing.  After not eating all day yesterday, he decided to eat last night.  Buddy polished off a nice sized dish of roast beef and turkey breast.

This morning, he was bugging my brother who gave him milk and a slice and a half of turkey breast.  About an hour after that, he cried on and off for two hours, asking for more water and more food.  I gave him food several times and since water is always available but picky likes it fresh, I pour off a small amount and top it off with fresh water then he drinks.

This was getting a bit wearing so I decided to get his capsule in him as well as his sub-q and shot.  Once that was accomplished and Buddy was lounging on my kitchen counter, the crying session over, I decided to clean his ears and brush him down.  Well, I managed to clean one ear when Buddy decided he'd had enough and took off for parts unknown.  I'll catch him and do the other later.

And now to Annie.  She is still licking that paw but it does seem to be healing up a bit. Maybe the extra attention is paying off.  Only time will tell.  Once I'm done feeding her, I will take her for her walk.  I'm now adding a mini massage to our daily routine as a bit of a stress-buster.  If I have some extra time today I'll bake her favorite cookies, Snicker-doodles.  That will definitely make her happy.

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