Saturday, February 11, 2012


Our new plan did work somewhat - Buddy ate quite a bit more yesterday devouring three shrimps, three quarters of a slice of turkey breast and a generous portion of low sodium tuna.  Definitely more than he's eaten in the last few days.

However, the getting-him-to-not-pester-us-for-food-through-the-night-gambit didn't work; Buddy woke me at 4:30 AM looking for food.  After eating a bit (not enough to stop crying) he drank his portion of milk for the day and back to sleep we went.  At least he didn't wake either of us an hour later as has been his habit as of late.

Buddy now refuses his NF canned food which he was constantly pestering me to give him.  Just goes to show how this disease works and how his preferences change.

Right now as I blog, he's eating another meal with his capsule added and it's quite substantial in size.  Maybe we are getting a bit of a reprieve.  I certainly hope so.

My friend Mary told me she just went through this with one of her cats (the cat recently died) and this scenario will most likely end with Buddy refusing food and water.  I sincerely hope this scene won't play out for awhile yet.

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