Monday, February 20, 2012


I'm constantly talking about sub-q in my posts but never mentioned what I do with the needles and syringes.  The needle on the sub-q bag is changed every day and deposited in an old plastic Chinese food takeout soup container.  Likewise for the needle attached to the syringe used to inject medicine into the IV line except I change the syringe/needle once for every IV bag.  Since I'm injecting into the line and not directly into Buddy this is OK  I recommend you discuss this with your veterinarian and follow whatever your animal's health professional prefers.  The needle-less syringe is discarded in the trash.  THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED PROCEDURE FOR HUMAN SUB-Q!

Once the container is full of needles you can bring it to your veterinarian (there might be a disposal charge) or you can check with your local hospital, health care facility or drugstore about disposing of them for you.  Since we live in NY, I've attached a link to the Department of Environmental Conservation website outlining disposal of sharps:

Always, always handle needles carefully.  If you should stick yourself after the needle has been used, wash thoroughly with soap and water.  Follow up with a disinfectant and talk to your doctor about the incident.

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