Friday, February 17, 2012


Eureka!  Buddy finally pooped.  All our home care measures worked and he is eating regularly.  I even caught him grooming himself today which he hasn't done since I can't remember when.  Hopefully we have a reprieve and Buddy will be with us for awhile longer.

On the other hand, my focus is now on Annie as she has been licking one of her hind paws.  She now has a lump and an open sore plus the constant licking has worn away her fur.  Researching this issue I came up with something called a granuloma.

Granulomas are caused by stress licking or allergies.  My guess is Annie's comes from stress licking.  Because of his illness, Buddy gets the lion's share of our attention at the moment.  This, of course, will change once he's gone but for now, he is our main focus.

In the meantime, I will be reading up on this condition to determine how best to handle it.  Already, we have started to shift some of the focus back on her, making an effort to spend more time walking and playing with her.  In addition, my brother has started giving her mini massages which Annie always likes to get.  We notice a marked difference in her body language after a mini massage.  She will stretch out instead of curling up and she appears more relaxed than usual.

I'll report on this condition as we go along.

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