Friday, August 17, 2012


There weren't enough hours in this week. I've been so busy there literally wasn't time to post the last 2 days. Brother showed up today, snagging a meal in the process. Silver Grey was sitting outside the opening to her den watching the entrance. I've observed her going in on at least 3 occasions. This confirms for me her kittens are still in the pile of weeds.

Charcoal Grey spent another evening lounging on our wicker furniture; again a meal was provided. We've been looking for her every night but she hasn't been around the last 2 leastwise not when we checked. However, meals have been provided and those meals have been eaten we just don't know by whom. 

So it appears we have 2 steady customers - Silver Grey and Charcoal Grey and 1 semi-regular - Brother. Artie and I will continue to put out food. The kittens are about 3 weeks old giving us plenty of time to get the adults dependent on our meals before they are ready to be trapped, spayed or neutered and released again to our care.

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