Tuesday, August 7, 2012


All's quiet for the time being. Unfortunately, Annie is confined to the porch. I've been thinking about the girls and need to give them more descriptive names so I've decided to call the girl who just gave birth, Silver Grey  and her sister I'll call Charcoal Grey.

Silver Grey definitely has her new family in the pile of weeds. She's never far away, in fact, the farthest she ventures is the next yard. Early this afternoon, I found her lounging on my back porch, keeping an eye on the weeds. This is very different behavior from her usual one or two daily trips through the yard looking for food. Charcoal Grey hasn't been around for a number of days and I wonder if that has anything to do with the newborns. Neither has Brother nor the Norwegian Forest Cat.

I'm waiting to hear if there is space for us at the September 5th TNR class. In the interim, I need more information on how to handle this situation so it's time to make some phone calls to those who know. 

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