Saturday, August 18, 2012


Friday evening after a very hectic work week, it was time to feed everyone and I do mean everyone. After preparing supper for me and Artie, we put a meal out for Silver Grey. She was sitting in the yard next to her bowl waiting for her food. Once her food was put out and her water changed, we returned to the kitchen to prepare Annie's meal.

Annie excitedly ate her supper and proceeded to do her wiggly dance, wiggling around on the floor and moving her back legs like she was riding a bike. Finally, Artie and I decided to take a break and have dessert before we checked the front porch for Charcoal Grey.

When we were finished with dessert, we expected to find Charcoal Grey lounging on our wicker furniture. We prepared a meal and fresh water then headed for the front porch. No one was around; we cleaned up, put down the food and water then came in.

Awhile later I checked but the food was still there.  Artie took Annie for her last walk of the day. When he came in, he very excitedly explained the food was gone. He found not Charcoal Grey but a black cat and the Norwegian Forest Cat sharing the meal. They hurriedly finished then scooted off the porch and across the street, running in front of Annie who was delighted to see them both.

It looks as if the group is larger than I thought. Thankfully, we're getting closer to September 5th and the TNR class.

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