Thursday, August 23, 2012


Today we resumed cleaning up the yard because Silver Grey and her baby have moved out. The kitten hasn't been sighted in two days so we decided to clean up and let Annie have the run of the yard again.

We started early this morning. First we checked the entire yard then we let Annie down to play while we cleaned. She happily ran around and generally had a terrific time. After awhile we noticed she was focusing on one part of the fence running back and forth, crying and craning her neck to see through the weeds on the opposite side.

Annie became very excited and kept focusing on one particular section of the fence. Immediately we put her inside then went back to check. There was the kitten hidden in the weeds in our neighbor's yard. The baby is absolutely adorable - soft and fluffy with blue eyes. Of course, Silver Grey wasn't far away and she remained close by for the entire time we worked outside.

While we pulled weeds and swept up, the baby nursed, slept, did some toddling and the wiggly dance just like Annie does. I'm relieved to know where the baby is. Now I can keep track until it's time to TNR.

Through the fence. You can see how tiny the kitten is.
Up close and personal.

And Mom always close by.

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