Friday, August 10, 2012


For the modern family life is busy and it places many demands on all members. Moms hold down jobs, run their households and care for the kids. Singles and married couples have the responsibilities of home care for elderly relatives.

Such scenarios sometime require outside help to come into the home. That help can come in the form of medical professionals, healthcare workers such as home health aides or therapists, housekeepers, babysitters and nannies.

If you have a dog or cat and need to enlist the services of housekeepers, babysitters or nannies you cannot assume they will be OK with your furry family member. Anyone considering a position with a family where one of the members is canine or feline must be informed of the pet's presence before the business arrangement is finalized. In fact, the prospective worker and the pet should meet each other at least once (preferably more) beforehand.

Chronic illness brings its own set of issues regarding the family pet. If you have a situation where doctors, nurses, therapists or phlebotomists come to the house on a regular basis, it is best to confine your pet while they are there. In the case of home health aides you will have to partner with the home care agency to identify aides without allergies who are willing to work in a home with  a pet. You must work with your pet to guarantee a good rapport with the aide and you must make it clear to the aide that you do not expect them to care for the pet.

Finally, if you have a situation where you are considering bringing a pet into a home that already has a housekeeper, babysitter or nanny, the following post from Blog covers everything the prospective pet parent needs to consider in regards to their employee.

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