Tuesday, August 28, 2012


We had  thunderstorms on and off yesterday and early today. Naturally, I was concerned for the little kitty. The sun came out early this afternoon and Silver Grey once again had the kitty out in the weeds in my neighbor's yard.

The baby is so cute and appears to be steadier on his/her feet and getting bigger and stronger. Meanwhile we keep putting out food and water. Annie has taken to stopping briefly by the fence when she goes into the yard just to take a look then she goes off to sniff, dig, run and do all the things dogs generally like to do.

Now I'm thinking about the possibility of taking this kitten in and I think Artie might be like-minded in this. One step at a time - our class is next week then I can focus on the logistics and timing for TNR. For now, I will continue to feed and monitor our stray/feral population.

Silver Grey hanging out late Monday night.

The kitten is elsewhere.

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