Thursday, August 2, 2012


The second of August and the start of another month without Buddy.

What changes a few short months have brought. When Buddy was here and needed my care, I never thought about managing a feral colony but I'm taking the first steps to do that now. While I was in nursing mode, I never realized how much effort and time went into Buddy's care. I never realized how much his care took away from Annie. The past few months have enabled me to give her more time, deepening our bond and settling us into an Annie-centered routine. I'm not saying the care and nursing were negatives but only remarking on the difference between a home free of chronic illness and a home coping with it.

Do I miss my Buddy? You can be sure I do. The simple act of writing about him makes me very sad. I don't believe that will ever change. Instead of taking care of Buddy I will now take care of the cats he would talk to from my back window. Life goes on...

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