Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Although no sightings of the kittens have taken place or kitten sounds have been heard, I'm sure they are still in the weed pile since Silver Grey is never far away.  Today Annie found her lounging on my neighbor's porch - very uncharacteristic behavior for her. I can only guess she is taking frequent breaks from her babies since I see her in our yard, the adjacent yards or on the back porches always with a clear visual path to that mound of weeds.

Monday night I came home rather late from the city. It was already dark when Artie met me in front of the house to caution me to proceed quietly and slowly. Charcoal Grey was lounging on our wicker furniture. She watched me walk across the porch then decided to leave. Artie put plates with food and water out for her.

Today I ran into my neighbor with the cat/kittens in residence and spoke with him. He believes there are about five cats all together in his yard. I'm taking that to mean a mother and her four kittens.

We haven't seen Brother for a few days but Artie did get a few pictures for me to post. Examining them it looks like Brother has a tipped left ear so there is a distinct possibility he has been caught and fixed. If that is the case I wonder who did the TNR - they would have to be nearby.

This is Brother, isn't he handsome!  (All photos by Artie.)

Silver Grey taking a break from her babies.

Brother making use of our yard by sleeping on the cement.

Brother just lounging around.

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