Thursday, August 30, 2012


We continue to put down food and water every evening both in the backyard and on our front porch for the neighborhood strays and ferals.  Aside from Silver Grey and her baby, our nightly diners were never in sight when the food was served. That is until recently.

Silver Grey and baby are always in the backyard but since the arrival of the kitten no one else is there - not Brother, Charcoal Grey or the Norwegian Forest Cat. Never anyone around out front waiting for food so you can imagine how shocked we were to head outside a few nights back about an hour past our schedule to find not one, not two but five cats hanging out looking for a meal!

The group consisted of Charcoal Grey, Brother, the Norwegian Forest Cat, an adolescent black cat and another we did not get a good look at. Charcoal Grey did not run away when we came out but everyone else scattered with the Norwegian Forest Cat running into the street so fast we were afraid he would get hit by a car.

Last night I went out about two hours after we put the food out to discover Charcoal Grey lounging in the dark on the wicker love seat. I spoke softly to her for a few seconds; she just calmly looked at me without appearing spooked or ready to bolt.

So, a little at a time, trust is being built. I'm hopeful I will be able to improve the quality of life for these cats, at last count, seven in all.

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