Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Yesterday I spoke too soon.  By late afternoon, the presence of Silver Grey's kitten no longer graced our backyard. She moved her baby elsewhere - exactly where we don't know.

She did show up for dinner as did Brother. And she was around this morning but still no sign of the kitten. All of this is very disturbing to Annie who has not used her yard in the past 3 weeks. As soon as I'm sure the kitten is no longer in the pile of weeds, I will give Annie the run of the yard again. It's unfair to her to keep her confined.

A black cat is taking advantage of the evening meals we put on our front porch. Yesterday he showed up as I left the food and changed the water preferring to hide under a nearby car until I went inside. With the newborn kitten, there are now at least 4 felines we will TNR possibly 5 if the Norwegian Forest Cat turns up again. 

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