Monday, November 5, 2012


The tri-state area is still reeling from super-storm Sandy. Here in the 5 boros we inch closer to normalcy. For some everything has been lost; for others it is the start of the rebuilding and cleaning-up process while some of us rode this through with all our possessions intact. Sadly, some of us lost our lives.

Now is the time for us all to do what we can to help our less fortunate neighbors. Donations of food and clothes are the first needs that come to mind. As people rebuild their lives, home furnishings will be needed. Give blood - I'm sure that is needed as well. Volunteer your time and talents where they will do the most good.

Don't forget children. A book to read, a toy or a coloring book and crayons will go a long way to brightening  the day of a child who is experiencing displacement and loss of their home. This is a very scary time for children. Their world has shifted on its axis; their security shaken.

There are many animals who will need help. Donate food, blankets and toys to displaced pets and shelter animals or volunteer time to help families reconnect with their pets. Foster an animal if you can. My first thoughts are of family pets and shelter animals but others need us as well. The great New York Aquarium in Coney Island has been flooded. Monetary donations can be made through the Wildlife Conservation Society website.

Every little bit helps...

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