Monday, November 26, 2012


We had a wonderful Thanksgiving Day with family.

Annie had to stay home. We thought it best since her two feline cousins would not be appreciative of Annie's overenthusiastic response to seeing them. On the other hand, Annie's single mindedness would not be appreciated by her human relatives - pet parents included.

The arrival of the turkey 'doggie bag' smoothed over any hurt feelings as Annie received a doggie-sized share of turkey breast and crispy skin (a small piece because I know she loves it and can tolerate it).

Anyway, our cousins are pet parents to two beautiful cats named Lucky and Athena. Lucky has always been fine with us. She mixes with us, enjoys a few pets and sometimes even sits with us or seeks out our company.

Athena generally disappears when we're around preferring to hide in the master bedroom or scoot down the basement. However, this Thanksgiving we were surprised that our presence didn't bother her all that much. In fact, Athena ignored us and spent a good part of the day curled up on the couch. She is a beautiful, medium grey, long-haired cat with a bushy tail.

Unfortunately, Artie couldn't get a good picture of her since she made sure to hide her face while napping. He had better luck with Lucky!

I see you with that damned camera!  Snap away, this Thanksgiving you're not getting the chair.

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