Friday, November 16, 2012


Annie's lick granuloma returned a few weeks ago but is almost healed up.  Interesting that it seems to happen when she is stressed or if we allow her to fall off her diet by indulging her taste for bread - especially wheat bread. After a few days of lax eating I will notice her licking her paws and rubbing her muzzle.  My conclusion? A wheat allergy.

It's kinda hard to not feel guilty eating bread in front of Annie since she will sit in front of you giving you her most soulful look but I'm determined not to cave anymore. Her health is more important. Also, it's time to schedule a doctor visit for her. She needs her regular six-month checkup as well as having a few tumors looked at - they appear to have gotten bigger and need to be rechecked. I hope we aren't in for any bad news.

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