Tuesday, November 20, 2012


It's totally amazing what you find when you go through old newspapers. I've been catching up on past reading and came across an article in the Daily News about getting gum disease from your pooch. Now I'm crazy nuts about all my animals but I make it a rule to never, ever kiss Annie or any canine family members (or Buddy who was a real kissy-face kinda guy) on the mouth or lips.

The research results were documented in the Archives of Oral Biology, a dental journal. I guess it's great to have a professional article on such matters but to my mind this is common sense. Do you want a kiss from someone who routinely licks their butt? Not a very appealing thought. 

Buddy was allowed to lick my nose, cheeks and chin. If, by accident, he got my lips or mouth, I would wash my lips or brush my teeth right away. Same for Annie although with Annie it's not a big issue because she is stingy with her kisses. You are lucky to get a quick lick on your cheek. Annie is more into bumping you with her nose. Perhaps she read the same article?

When my furry family members were on the receiving end of a kiss, it would be on the top of the head or by the eyes. Yes, both Annie and Buddy enjoyed a kiss near the eyes. I don't recommend this unless you know your pet won't be spooked by it. Mine were trained to accept that as normal from when they were first with us.

And while we're on the subject of all things dental, it is a good idea to clean your dog or cat's teeth on a regular basis. Good oral hygiene will go a long way especially in your pet's later years. Dental issues must be dealt with using general anesthesia and you will want to avoid having to 'put them under' as they age.

All in all a good article; real food for thought. I wonder what other interesting stories will turn up as I continue reading. And while I'm thinking about it, maybe I should check Annie's teeth. Good word of mouth - pass it on!   

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