Friday, November 2, 2012


Another month has come and gone yet there isn't a day I don't think about Buddy. Lately, I've been ruminating on his personality traits. All the little things he did that made him uniquely Buddy and endeared him to my heart.

As I've mentioned many times before, Buddy was an incessant talker. The house was never quiet with him around. He talked constantly about everything. First thing every morning, he would be sitting by my head talking to me, no doubt telling me to get up and feed him breakfast. Whenever you passed him, he would have a meow for you. Never could I ever conceive of getting the last word. Whatever I said to him was met with another meow which would go on forever until I gave up and let him have the last meow.

Somebody once said cats only like what they ate yesterday and that kinda pertained to Buddy. His food of choice was Deli Cat; that was all he ate unless he had an opportunity to snag some turkey or tuna stealing both out of your plate. After his diagnosis of renal failure, his eating habits changed. He preferred wet food, going off dry food completely. He remained picky eating only one kind of renal food fresh from the can but not after it was refrigerated. He ate pouch food and people food. Buddy also craved Chinese roast pork and bok choy gobbling both down with relish. His favorite meals were punctuated by a cacophony of grunts and chomping noises.

Buddy loved to find a comfortable lap to snuggle in at the end of the day. If you had a blanket or throw so much the better. Many an evening Artie or I would watch TV with Buddy on our stomach both of us snuggled under a blanket. Even Annie would find herself a convenient 'cuddle companion' for Buddy if we were busy or not around. On more than one occasion, Buddy would squeeze himself onto the recliner next to Annie. Artie or I would find them together asleep when we returned home.

Mostly I miss his warmheartedness. He loved to be held close to your chest, face-to-face. Sometimes he would reach out with both paws, clasp your cheeks, pull you close and lick your nose. I miss playing tip-your-head. I would say "give me a kiss" Buddy's response would be to lick my nose, then I would say "tip your head" and Buddy would bow his head so I could give him a kiss between his ears. I could cuddle him, cradling his head in my hand, pressing his cheek to mine all the while listening to him purr and purr.

Another month starts without him...

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