Saturday, November 10, 2012


It's Saturday, another busy week is over and the situation has changed concerning the Norwegian Forest Cat. He's been hanging around every evening and most days. Midweek I found him lounging on our wicker love seat by 1:30 PM; the next day he showed up as early as 11:30 AM.

He's very friendly, coming up to me, talking to me and walking around me, rubbing against my legs while I put down his food. He interacts with Artie much more than he does me.  Friday evening I came home at 5:30 to find him sitting on our front steps waiting for us. As soon as he saw me, he started talking. Artie showed up as I was serving him a second helping of food. They hung out together for almost an hour. The cat was talking to Artie, allowing himself to be petted and even playing with Artie. Pretty amazing stuff.

It's weird - almost like having Buddy around. Artie and I are convinced he is not a feral but a stray or a house cat whose owners are not being responsible. We have to keep track of his comings and goings so we can determine if he's been abandoned.

Man, that flash is too bright at night!


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