Sunday, November 18, 2012


I was cleaning out some papers today when I came across an absolutely amazing and heartwarming photo of a man cuddling his ailing dog in Lake Superior. The picture appeared in the Daily News this past August and I kept it intending to comment on it here.

Quite a few months have passed and I wondered whatever happened to these lifelong friends? Of course, I searched the internet and found out some interesting facts:

The photo had gone viral on Facebook, was picked up by new services and as a result John Unger, the man in the photo, received donations to care for Schoep, his canine companion. The donations are helping John fund Schoep's medical treatment and Schoep's condition has improved.

The beauty of the human-canine bond at its finest is exhibited in this "one-look-says-it-all" photo by Hannah Stonehouse Hudson. I never tire of looking at it. You can find the photo on Facebook or either of the two links listed below:

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