Sunday, October 7, 2012


Our Saturday evening feeding session turned out to be full of surprises.

Artie arrived home later than usual so by the time we had the food and water ready to go it was dusk. Of course, Annie came out while we cleaned up, changed the water and put down a generous-sized plate of mixed dry and wet food.

Fifteen minutes later, Artie decided to check and to his surprise found Brother and Charcoal Grey sharing a meal. He slowly stepped outside talking to both cats and neither of them ran away. Real progress I would say. They both looked at him then continued their meal.

Once Artie relayed this bit of information to me I decided to look outside. In addition to Brother and Charcoal Grey, I found the small black cat and the Norwegian Forest Cat awaiting their turns at the food. I came inside and prepared a second plate of mixed food. 

When everyone left, Artie put the second plate out and by 10 PM all the food except for a few forlorn dry nuggets had been eaten. This makes me hopeful that everyone will come on a regular basis and early enough to make trapping them less of a chore.

Two weekends from now I will be picking up a winter shelter and some straw. After that I plan to make arrangements for TNR.  And what is my biggest decision? Whether or not to attempt taking care of all 6 cats at once. Actually, I'm leaning towards trapping the 2 in the backyard first then at another time the 4 out front. We will see...

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