Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Some amazing things are starting to happen. The baby is running across yards when I come out with food and actually allowing me to stand within two steps of the food dish while he eats. (I keep saying he but for all I know the baby could be a she.) On the other hand, Silver Grey hisses at me at least once sometimes two or three times while I put out water and food. This is a regular occurrence; I don't think it will change.

Today we put the food out front a bit after 6 PM.  I spied the Norwegian Forest Cat making his way across the street towards our front porch.  He was proceeding with caution along the front of the buildings a few houses away when one of the neighborhood kids decided to chase him. The frightened cat darted out into the street. Thankfully, he wasn't hit by a car.

Artie found him hiding under a van. No amount of calling or coaxing could get him to budge. He pulled a disappearing act - neither of us saw him come out from under that van. One minute he was there; the next he was gone. It was like he vanished into thin air! We finished up our chores. Artie walked Annie; I swept leaves then we went off to do some grocery shopping at the local greengrocer. 

When we returned home, we found the Norwegian Forest Cat on the porch eating his dinner. He looked at us and froze; we talked softly to him. As we came on the porch, he moved to the other side but he didn't run away. He just sat there and looked at us. Another first! As we came in we noticed Charcoal Grey under our wicker love-seat.

After the front door closed, the Norwegian Forest Cat went back to the food dish to finish his meal. Slowly, the cats are beginning to get used to us and more importantly they are anticipating their daily meal showing up before I serve it.

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