Monday, October 22, 2012


Sunday, late morning, Annie and I went for an extended walk just to take advantage of another day of beautiful weather. Bright sunshine and mild temperatures made the walk fun instead of obligatory and when we finished, I grabbed a broom, sweeping the porch while Annie sniffed around and checked out everyone passing by our house.

Once the leaves were off the porch, I emptied the water and food dishes then placed them back in their respective spots. The big moment had arrived - I brought out the new addition to the front porch, the winter cat shelter. It didn't take much thought to decide the best place for it - I moved one of my flower pots positioning the shelter between the corner of the porch and our old wicker love-seat.

All that remains now is to determine which, if any, of the cats start using it. Now I can focus on TNR.

Close-up of the shelter.
A picture of the front porch with the new shelter.

Annie in the shot for 'scale'.

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