Friday, October 5, 2012


Now that Silver Grey and her baby are showing up regularly for meals, even coming into the yard while I'm filling up their dish, I know I'm making real progress. Today the baby let me briefly touch his head with one finger. He didn't run away or even get startled but he did hiss at me. 

The bigger problem is the front porch colony. I put out the food and it stays there until well after dark. I need to ascertain exactly who is showing up to eat and when. I guess I'm going to have to sit by my front window or in the front hall for a few evenings to try and track the feline traffic.

We do know a small black cat shows up early mornings; Artie sees her when he leaves for work. And Silver Grey's sister, Charcoal Grey comes after dark. Since her sister delivered the last litter, Charcoal Grey no longer stays in the back yard.

Neither of us has seen the Norwegian Forest Cat or Brother or the fifth cat we never got a good look at for weeks and weeks.

But first things first - I've ordered two shelters and straw which will be ready for pickup in about 2 weeks and getting Mom and baby spayed/neutered is important as well. Then I can turn my attentions to the front porch next.

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