Friday, October 19, 2012


I know the first picture looks like Silver Grey but take it from me, it's her sister, Charcoal Grey. I'd just finished putting dinner out back for the kitten and Silver Grey so both were busy eating when I discovered 2 regulars patiently awaiting the arrival of their dinner not necessarily my arrival.

After getting a good look at the Norwegian Forest Cat, it's obvious he's a mix of a few breeds but until I come up with a name he'll have to remain 'the Norwegian Forest Cat'. I think he's beautiful.

Do I think we're making progress? You bet I do! To find them waiting for their meal is gratifying to say the least. Both cats wouldn't stay on the same porch with me before now - definite progress. Brother was around also but ran away before we could get a picture, probably because Annie was with us.

There is at least 1 possibly 2 small black cats that come for an evening meal. As soon as we appear the black cat disappears. Next step, names and a winter shelter then plans for TNR.

Charcoal Grey waiting for her turn at dinner.

The Norwegian Forest Cat holds still for a photo.

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