Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Today another article was posted to Vitals on concerning reports of pet illnesses and deaths from jerky treats.

I understand not everyone has the time or inclination to bake for their families let alone their pets but if you do not prepare food or treats for your animals it is imperative that you perform "due diligence" when purchasing store bought food items for your dog or cat.

I'm crazy enough (in a good way) to invest the time necessary to cook and bake for Annie, as I did for Buddy when he was still with us, so I consider myself at the extreme end of this equation. No longer do I need to worry about ingredients in Annie's food - I purchase and prepare from scratch so I've got a really good handle on what she's eating notwithstanding the whole organic/non-organic vegetables and fruit, antibiotic-free meat and farm raised vs. wild caught fish arguments. 

You need to read labels! I cannot stress this point enough. If you are not comfortable with what's listed, have that discussion with your veterinarian and make an informed decision on whether or not you should continue  feeding or treating your pet to the item in question.

Generally, and this is my firm opinion, it is best to avoid any treats from China.  There have been enough scares involving rawhide treats from China to make me want to avoid any pet treats from there.  As to the origin of ingredients in treats or commercial food prepared in the States, it's hard to know.  Again, any doubts, concerns or questions should be addressed with your veterinarian.

If home cooking for your pet is not an option, talk with your veterinarian concerning appropriate commercial foods or better yet do some research yourself. Why take chances with your pet's health? Do what you can to keep your furry family member healthy, happy and with you as long as possible. 

Please read the Vitals article on the newest pet treat scare:

To find out more about what goes into commercial pet food, check out Ann Martin's book, Food Pets Die for: Shocking Facts about Pet Food.

Two commercial pet foods I've fed Annie are Halo Purely for Pets and Scooter Food.

Halo Purely for Pets puts out Spot's Stew which comes in canine and feline versions. Believe it or not, Buddy started on the feline version but ultimately ate the canine version on a regular basis.  He just liked snitching Annie's food.  Halo's was started by Andi Brown and is co-owned by Ellen DeGeneres.  Visit their website:

Scooter Food is an artisanal dog food company operating out of Brooklyn offering 5 different types of home-cooked foods.  They are in the process of setting up a new website so keep checking back for more information:

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