Wednesday, May 16, 2012


May 3rd I posted about Annie finishing her prescription. She is so much better now she's like a different dog. I added chicken back into her diet along with Quinoa and lentils. I've also added back her healthy powder, apple cider vinegar and olive oil.  Now Annie is prompting me to give her meals, a big difference from my having to coax her to eat.  It's kind of amusing to discover I'm now too slow preparing her meals.

The lick granuloma on her paw is practically gone, her skin feels smooth and the area is soft not hard like before. Most importantly she hasn't had a recurrence of blood and mucous in her stool. She isn't depressed anymore.  I find her happy, alert, relaxed with boundless energy and a renewed interest in playing. Artie and I are very relieved to see all this improvement.

It's time to make her follow-up appointment and to schedule her dental surgery and have her tab removed. I'll have to discuss this with Artie to determine when to take her to Hope Veterinary Clinic.

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