Thursday, May 10, 2012


Yesterday was just another Tuesday - nothing special.  Annie and I spent a quiet day together, me, working on the computer; she, keeping my recliner warm when she wasn't pestering me to play with her or let her outside.

A few of the cats came through the yard but not the Norwegian Forest Cat.  We haven't seen the possum since last Thursday.  

For supper I prepared a simple dessert of cut up strawberries and raspberries.  There were a few really overripe strawberries I cut up and put aside for Pat.  Artie put the strawberries out around 8PM; in the same bowl as the undisturbed carrots.  Previously, Artie found slugs in the carrots.  Since possums eat slugs, we decided to add the strawberries to the carrots so Pat would have the strawberries and hopefully a selection of slugs to add to his diet.  We checked around 10:30 when Annie went out for the last time and the strawberries were still there. 

Wednesday morning dawned grey and drizzly.  The carrots were disturbed but uneaten; the strawberries were gone.  Since the carrots were moved around, I took it to mean Pat got some slugs along with the fruit.  I did not put any more fruit out Wednesday evening although we did check the yard on and off but no sign of Pat.  

During one of Annie's trips outside she started to bark.  We went to look and saw the Norwegian Forest Cat hop the fence.  So now we know he's still around as well.

I think we will have to put some food out early and take turns watching for Pat.  I'm determined to get some video footage to post.

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