Monday, May 21, 2012


If my post title sets anyone to wondering if I'm a Who fan, let me set the record straight by confirming I am. Odds and sods is a British term for a mixed bag of things. Odds and ends is the American version of that term.

This post is a catch-all of odds and ends or odds and sods:

Annie's lick granuloma is 99.9% gone. We haven't scheduled her follow-up doctor appointment yet or her dental surgery. When we do, we will revisit the need of performing the skin punch biopsy since the granuloma is almost completely healed.

The weather was rainy so we spent the beginning of last week inside.  Needless to say, Annie was completely bored.  The latter half of the week was warm and sunny and so was Annie's disposition along with her incessant going in and out.

I cannot find any additional information on Herman, Maurice Sendak's German Shepherd. Emails were sent to the Monks at New Skete but, to date, no reply has been received.

No sign of our possum, Pat Possumwaithe for about two weeks. Very little stray activity through our yard this past week.  No sighting of the Norwegian Forest Cat until Artie spotted him in one of the backyards.

When I posted about adopting a dog I forgot to mention Muffin's Pet Connection. Operating in New York and Brooklyn, they rent traps, offer discount spay/neuter coupons for cats (and dogs) as well  as TNR feral cat only spay/neuter coupons:

And Annie still whines instead of barking to come in - I keep trying to change that and have achieved a 90/10 percent ratio of bark to whine. Progress!

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