Saturday, May 12, 2012


Another week had come and gone with plenty to do in the way of work, errands and socializing.  After a very busy Thursday, we decided fruit smoothies were a good way to go for dinner after having no breakfast and gigantic veggie burger and chicken panini platters for lunch.

I prepared the smoothies and as usual Artie put out a few overripe strawberries.  The security light came on but whenever we checked the yard was empty - probably just a cat passing through.  The strawberries were still there when we called it a day.

Friday morning was an early one since I had a few business meetings but amid the rush to get ready, I did remember to check for visible signs of our visitor.  I was disappointed to see the strawberries still in their dish.  I'm positive the Pat Possumwaithe did not come through last night.  We just have to see what happens the remainder of the weekend.

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