Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Our Memorial Day was filled with sunshine even though the entire weekend we experienced intermittent heavy rain and thunderstorms. (I sound like a meteorologist!)

It was great to rest, read, write, cook, sew, craft jewelry and basically do whatever I wanted to when I wanted to. That sounds like a lot of work but to me that's kicking back and relaxing. Annie kept to her lazy weekend schedule as well. She divided her time by sleeping on my bed, the recliner and my brother's bed.  The remainder of her time was spent sunning herself when the weather permitted, running around looking for cats, pestering me for food and asking me to play or go for a walk. What I wouldn't give to have her energy and stamina.

The best part of this weekend was the quality time we spent together. Annie is so relaxed now it is totally amazing. I didn't realize how much Buddy's illness stressed her out; I knew she was stressed, we all were but when you're in the middle of dealing with whatever you tend to lose sight of the consequences.

Because of all the wet weather, possum watch was suspended for the holiday weekend. If Pat did come around, I'm sure it wasn't for very long.  The rain also prevented us from accomplishing our number one task - cleaning up the back yard. We spent about a half hour pulling weeds but the place still looks like a jungle with no significant change in appearance despite our best efforts. Maybe next weekend will have more favorable weather.  If so, Artie and I will tackle it then.

Five more minutes then I'll turn over. 

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