Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Meow, the 2 year old cat who weighed in at 39 lbs. has died from his obesity.  Very sad indeed.  I'm sure his owner thought she was taking good care of him by keeping him well-fed but extremely early mortality was the end result.

All pet owners should monitor their pet's food intake.  This is an ongoing thing, not something to do once in a while.  This is another good reason for home cooking.  It is my firm belief home cooking and monitoring of food intake makes all the difference in your pet's health.

Buddy was a problem in that area because he was hooked on what I call junk food - commercial brands on the low end of the spectrum.  We were never able to get him off them completely however we did make sure to offer good, nutritious alternatives and did manage to incorporate healthy food into his diet.

Annie was not a good eater and had recurring intestinal and urinary issues until I took her off commercial food. While the home cooked diet hasn't completely eliminated her problems, neither issue could be considered recurring in that it's been more than a year without a urinary tract infection and only one bout of gastritis in a little less than a year whereas before one or the other would recur every few months.  Also, she looks forward to her meals now instead of us having to coax her to eat.

And the bottom line in all this?  Neither of my animals ever had a weight problem!  Dogs and cats don't know when to stop eating and it's not 'mean' to withhold extra food or unhealthy treats.

View the link below to see pictures and to read about what happened to Meow.

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