Friday, November 1, 2013


It's late afternoon Friday, the first day of November. The day started out cloudy, windy, dreary and rainy but turned to sunshine as morning became noon. We're into day three of a two-day repair job to our front porch and steps with an incredible mess outside and no end in sight.

October 30th and Halloween night the ferals had to navigate through a mountain of rubble, chopped up wrought iron railings and potted plants to find the set of food and water dishes left out for them. The first to show up was Porch Guy. As soon as the crew knocked off for the day, he was on the hunt for his dinner. Artie just finished setting up the dishes Halloween evening when he showed up so Artie shouted for a special meal of canned food. We both hung out with him awhile with Artie remaining behind while I went in to give Annie and Orphee their evening meals.

Artie called me to check out something Porch Guy did. He was laughing as he pointed out two neatly placed footprints in the middle of the wet cement on our top step. Neatly sidestepping the cement on the way up to dinner, Porch Guy didn't bother to take the long way down the steps when he was done. The next dinner guest to arrive put a second imprint next to the first.

Porch Guy's footprint is on the right.

From a slightly different angle.

We thought this was great! Since we both have a soft spot in our hearts for Porch Guy we decided to leave his footprint in the cement. Artie very carefully smoothed out the second print. His footprint is a great memento for us that adds a nice touch to a house occupied by animal lovers and their furry family members.

Porch Guy enjoying his special meal.

Our new steps.

A work still in progress.

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