Friday, November 29, 2013


It's the Friday after Thanksgiving and I still haven't recovered from all the turkey, salad, mashed potatoes, cranberry, cider, the pies and all the noshes.

We spent Thanksgiving Day with our cousins and Aunt. It was time spent in conversation as well as eating and drinking. There was disappointment - Midnight the feral cat did not make an appearance. She's come far in the past year but she's not yet brave enough to venture into a room with people who are guests of her pet parents. Last Thanksgiving she hid from all including her benefactors.

There was delight - Lucky actually sat on Artie's lap and did not smack his hand with her paw for the first time in all the years we know her. Lucky is sixteen now. In years' past she definitely displayed her own brand of cattitude. This year we noticed a distinct mellowing of Lucky's personality. A touch of arthritis in her hind legs has her walking a bit slower with some stiffness. She's more tolerant, actually enjoying cuddling with and getting pets from Artie.

There were even a series of firsts with Athena - she held still for a photo and walked into the family room while we were sitting around talking. She even asked Artie to let her out remembering to hiss at him when he didn't open the door fast enough to suit her. Our day was nothing short of amazing. Upon our return, Annie and Orphée had a great time sniffing the cat smells on our clothes.

Now I'm in a bit of recovery/catch up mode, sated from an excess of turkey and trying desperately to clean up the chores I left undone in order to keep to our holiday travel schedule. The following pictures will introduce everyone to Annie and Orphée's furry cousins.

The Lady Athena allows herself to be photographed.

The adorable Lucky striking a pose.

A more pensive portrait.

Shall we vogue?

Lucky's favorite photo.

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