Sunday, November 24, 2013


Friday night Artie and I had a serious discussion about the pros and cons of the various treatment options for Annie's eye issues. After researching her conditions (uveitis, the cataract and lens subluxation) on the internet then talking extensively about everything we decided the best course of action is surgery.

Should the management with eye drops fail we felt the surgery would be inevitable leaving Annie to go through a more complicated surgery when she's older. As a good surgical candidate now with a good chance of recovery with improved eyesight we are willing to opt for the surgery.

I called VERG to schedule a day and time. A return call earlier today confirmed a December 1st date for pretesting and surgery. Annie will stay overnight for monitoring coming home sometime on the 2nd. Recovery will be even more challenging than her cancer surgery. She has to be kept quiet - no running around, no jumping on and off furniture, drops will have to be administered and there will be weekly follow-up visits for I don't know how long.

Crating her was mentioned - we've never done that before but now we need to talk about it. A ramp or steps will be needed to curtail the jumping and of course I'm grounded indefinitely to dispense medicine and keep a strict watch over her.

Strangely enough I'm more concerned about the aftercare than the surgery. So much is riding on keeping Annie quiet. We will face this like we've faced everything else - with determination to do the best we can.

How am I ever going to keep Annie this quiet for weeks?

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