Tuesday, November 5, 2013


Ready for double duty as feral cat bowls.

Caring for an animal can be very expensive. Multiple by 2 and the costs double. Add a feral colony of 5 and you start to look for ways to save money.

I utilize plastic food containers as food and water bowls. This works well for me. Stored in a cabinet in my front hall is a large supply of bowls, trays, lids and utensils all plastic and all ready to be discarded after their contents were consumed.

You can save butter/margarine tubs, takeout containers anything that works. I wash them thoroughly before placing them outside and rinse them everyday using them until I deem them ready to be replaced. This saves some money since I don't have to buy replacement containers or ceramic dishes and I'm getting extra use out of items before they wind up in the recyclable bin.

Clear lids, white & black trays hold food; clear bowl is perfect for water.

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