Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Orphee has settled in. Our home is now his home. With the exception of some unacceptable behavior towards Annie the transition from outside to inside cat has been fun to watch.

The first time I ran the vacuum cleaner, Orphee hid under a piece of furniture for four hours. Now he stays put until I vacuum the room he's in moving to another room, no longer hiding under furniture.

My mother's hope chest is a preferred lounging spot. It gives Orphée a clear view of our neighbor's front porch. Often I hear him talking to one of his former outside buddies as they make their way across the porches. And the hope chest is a great place to catch some rays on a sunny day.

A hot pink mouse hangs from a cord in my living room doorway. Orphée spends some time there every day batting that poor mouse around.  The foot of my bed and a section of my couch are covered by his blankets and he knows he is expected to lie on them when he stays on either place.

The funniest thing he does is come running to the kitchen whenever he hears me moving around in that room. He will sit or lounge in the doorway intently watching whatever I'm doing. Sometimes I'm convinced he's going to ask what's cooking or give me instructions on how to complete whatever I'm working on. When it's time to eat he sits by his bowl patiently waiting for his meal.

The sweetest thing he does is lean up to look at you when you're in the recliner waiting for you to tell him it's OK to jump in your lap then Orphée hops up, circles around and makes himself comfortable.

In a little less than a year's time, Orphée has become so comfortable in his new environment. The most amazing thing about all of this is he doesn't look to go out. He goes to the door, sniffs the air at the base then turns around and walks or runs back inside. I guess that's proof positive he's decided he is an outside cat no longer.

This is the life for me!

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