Thursday, November 14, 2013


Anyone who reads this post regularly knows I haven't posted for the last two days. Why? Annie had another medical emergency.

Tuesday at suppertime we noticed Annie blinking. Closer examination revealed her eye to be red and tearing with her inner eyelid closed. She was experiencing discomfort. My first thought was that Orphée hit her with his paw getting her in the eye. Maybe Annie managed to get a foreign object such as a hair in her eye or she might have hit her eye while scratching herself. We wasted no time. I called Veterinary Emergency Referral Group to alert them to the problem and that we were on our way. 

Annie is well known there and well liked because of her sweet disposition and Annie loves everyone at VERG. The doctor on call examined her. No cuts or scrapes that ruled out the cat and her scratching. The pressure in both eyes tested normal ruling out Glaucoma. The doctor saw a dark spot in her eye and suggested Annie be examined by an Ophthalmologist. We were given pain medication, eye drops and an appointment for the next day with the specialist along with instructions to put an Elizabethan Collar on Annie as soon as we arrived home.

Artie and I returned home upset and depressed. Lurking in the back of my mind was the thought of a recurrence of the cancer metastasizing to the eyes. Another fear is that whatever is wrong will result in the loss of her eye.

All I know is my sweet, precious girl has been through so much medically enduring it all in stride. It breaks my heart. Annie however weathers it all and still manages to be Annie.

Annie & her Elizabethan Collar. I've lost count of the number of times she's worn it.
Asleep after getting her meds.

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