Thursday, November 7, 2013


The first week of December will mark Orphée's one year anniversary as a member of this family. My how far we've come!

I'm pinching myself in disbelief. This year passed so quickly. Am I happy we rescued Orphée? Am I happy to have Orphée with us? The answer to both questions is a resounding 'Yes!'  However, I am also a bit sad and disappointed; sad because Buddy is no longer with us; sad that my relationship with Orphée is still shaky. Sometimes he runs away from me. He doesn't talk to me like Buddy did. He only looks for me when he wants food or a lap to sleep in when I'm using the recliner. We’re both disappointed that Annie is still afraid of Orphée and that Orphée tries to bully her, taking the occasional swipe at her. My fervent hope for the next 11 months is for an improvement in their relationship.

Artie and I are contemplating taking in Porch Guy but we're hesitant to add another cat to the mix at this point. Porch Guy likes us. He doesn't run away when we put out food and water or do chores or move about him while he's eating. He will even come and sit next to us but we haven't progressed to touching him or having him come into the front hall. We need to talk about this and decide if we will take this next step adding the additional responsibility of a third inside furry family member. But I digress; for now it appears Orphée is a permanent part of this family. We're thankful to be able to celebrate how far we've come and hopeful for a better rapport in the future.

A beautiful boy owning the recliner (for the moment).

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