Thursday, June 28, 2012


Annie's been a bit lonely since her boyfriend, a French Bulldog named Louie moved away. Louie's old house is on the route of our daily walks. It's been almost 7 months since the move but Annie still stops, pokes her head through the gate and cries and cries. She really misses Louie and his pet parents.

That got me to thinking about Annie's friends and she has plenty of them. When we adopted her, Annie's closest companion at the animal hospital where she was boarded and probably her first boyfriend was a Cairn Terrier named Sammy. They were adorable together and Sammy was up for adoption as well but at the time we definitely did not have the resources to take on two dogs.

For many years Annie went first to puppy playtime then doggy daycare every weekend where she had many friends. We were surprised to learn Annie exercised with both the small dogs and the big dogs. Annie was described as wonderfully friendly with all animals and great at coaxing other dogs to play. At daycare Annie was good friends with Willa, a beautiful beige and white pit bull who had been thrown over a 6 foot chain-link fence and adopted by one of the dog supervisors at the daycare. Willa was her only female BFF. It was amazing to see Annie and Willa walking calmly side-by-side enjoying each other's company. Their close friendship came to an end when Willa's pet mom moved out of state.

Annie then met Gizmo, a Shiba Inu mix. Gizmo was adorable but a bit skittish around Annie. Their friendship lasted until Gizmo's owner moved away. Then Annie met Luke and Munchkin two Yorkies who live up the block from us. She loves them and always looks to see if they are out on their front porch when she takes her walks. They don't come out much so she rarely sees them.

Annie just made friends with a little guy named Desmo who is a Boston Terrier. Desmo is still a puppy and as cute as a button. He jumps around and growls when he sees Annie and of course, Annie cries when she sees him.

But Annie's new favorite boyfriend is Gus. Another Yorkie, Gus and Annie have a very special friendship. Apparently Gus is fearless around people and other dogs, barking and defending his territory and family. I was surprised to find out that, with the exception of his own family, Gus only allows Annie, myself and Artie to play with and touch him. Gus gets really excited when he sees Annie. He runs to greet her and wags his tail furiously. They sniff each other then fall in and walk quietly side-by-side, two friends enjoying each other's company. Adorable!


  1. That's really cute! I never realized dogs had BFFs (obviously I am not a dog owner). It's great that you can remember back to Annie's "first boyfriend." I always hear about how dogs live in the moment, but it sounds like Annie has quite a long memory when it comes to her friends. Thanks for this insight into dogs and their social circles.

  2. I'm probably putting a bit of a human face on it but Annie still looks for Louie and his parents. She also cries and sometimes barks for Gus when we get up to his gate. It has to do with scenting and socialization. In my experience, dogs do remember for longer periods that we humans give them credit for.