Monday, June 11, 2012


If anyone doubts the life-changing effect cats can have on people don't doubt any longer. There are programs to help inmates develop skills, learn responsibility and so much more by caring for an animal.

Washington State has an inmate/cat program at their Larch Correctional Facility in Yacolt, Washington. At the moment, there are two cats and four inmates involved in the Cuddly Catz program. The cats are pretty much in need of understanding and nurturing and the inmates work in teams taking shifts to care for their charges, handling their grooming, feeding and toileting needs as well as helping the cats overcome fears, conquer bad behavior and develop the necessary socialization skills to attract a family with adoption as the end result.

Cats are used in another inmate program to ease stress at the Lincoln County Jail in Nebraska. The two cats have free run of the facility and all the inmates participate in their care. The women's wing of the Wagoner, Oklahoma County Jail has about 60 cats on site that inmates are caring for and socializing for adoption.

Such programs are a wonderful way of helping inmates to develop their nurturing and caring side, showing them how to put another living, breathing entity before themselves as well as helping them develop responsibly.

And what about inmate programs involving dogs? That's another post for another day...

To see some photos illustrating the Crazy Catz program:

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