Wednesday, June 13, 2012


We kept Annie's doctor appointment last Friday and the news was all good. No need for dental surgery. The Perio-Support has been added to all her meals since Friday night and I need to clean her teeth with a bit of  wet gauze and some of the Perio-Support as well.

It might be best to redo her daily chart adding the Perio-Support and hand-cleaning to the list. I'll have to think about that a bit before I make my decision. Lately, I've been thinking about adding her bath to the list just to keep track of the frequency.

And Dr. Young was right about the allergies. We dropped the cheese from Annie's meals and she is no longer licking her back paw. She is still rubbing her muzzle a bit but not nearly as much as before. What a relief! 

Thanks, I'm feeling better!

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