Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Well, I'm officially ending our Possum Watch. It's been weeks and we've not seen hide nor hair of Pat Possumwaithe.

Yes, we've had spotty weather and quite a bit of evening showers but I suspect Pat was travelling from somewhere else to scavenge our yards and a new development I spied yesterday evening might be preventing him from coming through at his regular time.

I came home from the City Monday evening at around 9:30 and I noticed one of the yards near the chain-link fence Pat would climb for access to the collective yards had been cleared. There were lights on and a new table with an umbrella set up.  Most importantly of all there were voices. Artie heard loud voices over the weekend and we figure they were coming from this yard.

So I guess Pat won't be back because of all the new activity. I'm sad but I hope he (or she) is doing fine. The only other reason why we haven't spied him would be his demise and that's really too sad to contemplate.

Goodbye, Pat - I hope we do see you again. I miss seeing you in the White Raspberry Tree. And of course, we only have a photographic record of our encounter - no video.

Bye, Pat - hope to see you again - soon!

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