Saturday, June 16, 2012


Well, another busy week is over. As far as Annie is concerned, Saturday is a lazy day. Brooklyn weather is absolutely gorgeous! The temperature is mild, no humidity, there's plenty of sun and a beautiful breeze. And how is my weekend you ask? Not so lazy. So far, I've prepared breakfast for the both of us, run my dishwasher, hand-washing what didn't fit in and I've run a load of wash which I will hang out after I've finished this post.

As she does on any beautiful day, Annie has been outside sunning herself several times today. The routine starts with her standing quietly by the back door until I let her out. She stretches out on the back porch until she gets warm. At that point she will get up to sit in the shade. The routine ends 30 minutes after it starts with her crying or barking to come in. Once she's in, Annie will drink a bit of water then proceed to my room to stretch out on my bed and enjoy the breeze. In approximately 30 minutes, she's in the kitchen again starting her routine over. This goes on about 3 or 4 times until I either go outside with her or tell her 'no more'.

Oh! There was a bit of excitement - Annie was barking furiously when she first went out. As usual, I went to see what was going on. The Norwegian Forest Cat was lounging in the attached yard. Annie was so excited to see him but apparently he wasn't as happy to see her. He dashed across the yard and up the separating chain link fence to put an empty yard between him and us but in his haste he caught one of his back paws in the links. For a moment I thought he was good and stuck; I was fearful he'd break his paw or leg or, worse yet, not be able to extricate himself at all. Thankfully, he freed himself. Unharmed, he made his way through the adjoining yards to the street.

It appears he will be coming around on a regular basis - I know his fear of Annie won't keep him away in his quest for food and water. He kinda reminds me of Buddy and I feel sorry for him so I'm going to keep a lookout for him. When I see him, I'll put out food - maybe I can trap him, have him fixed and we can see from there what develops. At the very least, I'll feed and care for him as an outside cat. If all goes well, maybe Artie and I can find him a home.

Ahh! I love the sun - damn the freckles.

Hey, is THAT the new cat?!


  1. Psssst... I think he's already chosen his new home! *laugh*

  2. Ya think?! LOL, I thought so too but he hasn't been around; my overenthusiastic Annie probably scared him away for good.