Wednesday, June 20, 2012


After supper yesterday evening as Artie was throwing out the trash, he saw the Norwegian Forest Cat dart across the street and scoot through the chain link fence near the corner that gives the strays and the possum access to all our backyards.

Artie was really excited when he came in, telling me the cat was back as he rushed around preparing fresh water and food to put out for him. We watched but didn't see him. Our back light didn't come on until very late at night; we checked from time to time but never saw any strays come through the yard.

Bedtime came and the food was still untouched. Wednesday morning found an empty food dish sitting next to the water dish smack in the middle of the yard. Unfortunately, we never did get to see who benefited from the meal. We hope it was the Norwegian Forest Cat but are happy for anyone of the strays who had the food.

So now we know that Annie's big mouth didn't scare him away. We can't wait to see what develops next.

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