Thursday, June 14, 2012


Reality TV is something we don't indulge in at our house. No American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, Survivor or any such programming for us. We will admit to watching a couple of episodes of Doggie Moms but the novelty of that show wore off after three viewings.

So was I surprised when Artie and I saw Dogs In The City advertised on CBS news as a show to watch? Of course not, CBS was advertising this show because it broadcasts on their network but hey, it looked interesting so we decided to check it out.

We caught the third episode where Queens born and bred Justin Silver helps Russell Simmons' Administrative Assistant adapt to her new life as pet parent to her newly adopted blind pooch who has issues with meeting other dogs. Jason also worked with a Brooklyn family with two out-of-control bloodhounds  who frazzle the nerves of their owners and neighbors alike and a woman who is pet parent to four dogs, in small living quarters. One dog was well adjusted but the other three, all pit bulls, had behavioral issues.

I found the show interesting and informative with Justin coming off as very spot-on in his assessment of each situation as well as sympathetic to both the owners and the dogs. Justin has a dog training, pet sitting and dog walking business. I will definitely watch this show again. Who knows, I may pick up a few new tricks to help us deal in the day-to-day with Annie. 

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